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02nd Aug 2016

James Corden says Kanye West keeps cancelling on Carpool Karaoke

Imagine this team up...

Carl Anka

Carpool Karaoke is a runaway success, but James Corden can’t quite seem to get one special guest on board.

The show has been a massive hit thanks to appearances from Adele, Stevie Wonder and even Michelle Obama, but Corden says he can’t quite get Kanye West to appear in his car for a quick sing-song.

“Kanye has been booked to do Carpool Karaoke now twice, and both times something came up,” Corden tells British GQ. “He’ll do it eventually. He wants to do it.”

Apparently, Kanye was so annoyed about missing his scheduled appointment with Corden, he apologised in trademark Kanye West style – with flowers.

“About three dozen white roses, of course. Arranged in the shape of a cube. What could be more Kanye than that?”

Kanye on stage

Also on Corden’s list for future guests? Beyonce.

“It would break the Internet,” Corden said. “She’s on tour right now. We’re working on it.”

Both guests would be a major coup for Corden as Carpool Karaoke goes to the next level. What started as small segment in The Late Late Show with James Corden has now been picked up by Apple Music for its very own spin off show.

Carpool Karaoke is so popular it’s even getting a rival/rip off show from Spike TV, the folk who make Lip Sync Battle.

Everyone wants to get celebrities in their car right now. Kanye best jump in while Corden still has free time.