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26th May 2018

Here’s what the former Love Island cast members are up to now

Love Island is almost (finally!) back.

The summer reality TV show took over our lives last year, and we’re expecting the same when it kicks off on June 4.

But before we ready ourselves for countless conversations about recoupling, getting mugged off, and not putting all of your eggs in one basket, let’s take a look at what some of the previous Islanders are up to now.

Season One

Jessica Hayes and Max Morley

Jess was, easily, the underdog throughout the ITV2 dating’s show’s inaugural series…as well as being one of the most-loved contestants.

After a few ups and downs – as well as rivalry with Naomi Ball, involving Josh and Max – Jess and Max made it official before the series ended and they were declared the Love Island winners.

However, the pair split soon after leaving the villa.

Jess has since moved on with someone new. Meanwhile Max went on to make a few appearances on other reality TV shows, like Ex On the Beach. 

Jonathan Clark and Hannah Elizabeth

They were together from Day 1 of the 2015 series –  and while they stayed together until the end, their love story had a few bumps.

There were a lot of back-and-forth spats, as well as plenty of sweet reconciliation – including the time Jon told her she made him feel like a unicorn. And their Love Island journey even ended with Jon popping the question.

Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last once they left Love Island and the pair split up after a holiday.

Jon has gone on to become a cast member of The Only Way Is Essex, while Hannah is still modelling – and recently announced her engagement.

Joshua Ritche and Lauren Richardson

Love Island’s #friendshipgoals pairing made it to the final four, after Josh failed to feel sparks with Jess and Naomi in the villa and Lauren didn’t find anyone she fancied in there.

They ended up in third place once the results were in.

Since his appearance on Love Island, Josh has appeared on Ex On the Beach – as well as his girlfriend, Charlotte Crosby’s, new show, The Charlotte Show. 

Meanwhile, Lauren has stepped out of the spotlight. According to DigitalSpy, her social media accounts are set to private.

Jordan Ring and Zoe Basia Brown

Jordan and Zoe had a bit of an on-off relationship when the series began – mostly because he pied her off for Daisy.

However, the pair soon kissed and made up – even becoming official in the Love Island villa.

Things didn’t end up lasting after they left the villa, with Zoe confirming their split on social media before the end of the summer.

Jordan is now signed to a film featured artist agency, while Zoe has gone off the radar and taken her social media accounts offline.

Omar Sultani

He had a bit of a tough time in the Love Island villa, never managing to find someone he ‘clicked’ with.

And while Omar ended up being dumped from the villa on Day 21, he managed to win over viewers during is time in Mallorca.

Since then, he still appears to be a pretty big Love Island fan, having tweeted alone with the more recent series of the ITV2 dating show.

Other than that, he doesn’t appear to give away too much on social media – with his bio simply saying he “was on TV once”.

Naomi Ball

She was one of the later entries into the villa, intended to stir up some drama – which she absolutely delivered on.

After stealing Josh from Jess (and later dropping him for Max, who was also with Jess at the time), she managed to spark a bit of a rivalry with the eventual Love Island winner.

She ended up being voted out of the villa by the public, and has kept a fairly low profile since.

She sparked rumours of a reconciliation with both Josh and Max last year, after sharing snaps with both of them – but her social media accounts are now on lockdown.

Luis Morrison and Cally Jane Beech

The former couple were brought back together in the Love Island villa, and, after a brief split have been going strong ever since.

Despite Cally being a late entry into the villa, she and Luis were soon dropping the l-word fairly soon after she joined the cast.

After leaving the villa, the couple continued their relationship – and eventually welcomed the first Love Island baby, their daughter Vienna, last year.

Basically, they’re just adorable.

Season Two

Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas

They had their fair share of tantrums and make-or-break moments, but Kady and Scott ended up being one of fan favourite couples of their year.

And remember the time Scott asked Kady to be official using the oh-so-OTT art of towel arrangement? Talk about cuteness.

Anyways, the ended up making it to the final – alongside Olivia and Alex, and Nathan and Cara.

They continued their relationship outside of the Love Island villa – eventually even moving in together. However, they split last year.

Terry Walsh and Emma-Jane Woodhams

Terry was responsible for easily one of the most talked about moments of the series, after he dumped Malin Anderson on screen – while she was watching from her sofa at home. Which, naturally, prompted her return to the villa.

The reason for their split? After Malin left the Love Island villa, he moved on with Emma-Jane Woodhams.

Despite the scepticism about their relationship, Terry and Emma made a good go of things after they left Love Island – making things official and eventually moving in together.

However, it wasn’t meant to be and the pair called time on their relationship. Emma rekindled things with an old boyfriend, with the pair recently welcoming their first child.

Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen

After a bit of a difficult start that saw her struggling to make a connection with anyone in the house, things changed for Olivia when Alex walked in.

Things seemed to hit a bit of a difficult spot after Alex spent the night in the hideaway with fellow housemate, Zara Holland, but he and Liv managed to make it through it.

Following their stint in the Love Island villa, the pair got engaged, moved in together (and later bought a house), and even got a dog.

They’ll be getting married later this year, with their former housemate, Cara, as one of Olivia’s bridesmaids.

Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde

The eventual winners of Love Island 2016 were together from the very first day – and, to be honest, probably our favourite pair.

And while the path to true love didn’t quite run smooth for them, Cara and Nathan ended up falling head over heels for each other – and their relationship continued after  leaving the villa.

They confirmed that they were getting ready to welcome their first child last year, shortly after they announced their split.

But the couple have since reconciled, becoming the parents of a baby boy named Freddie-George.

Katie Salmon and Adam Maxted

Adam and Katie were one of the late partnerships of the series, but the pair still managed to make it to the finals.

However, they ended up calling time on their relationship just days after exiting the Love Island villa.

Since their appearance on Love Island, Katie has continued to focus on her social media profiles and Adam has returned to wrestling.

Rachel Fenton and Rykard Jenkins

Rachel and Ryakard appeared to be off to a great start after her late arrival into the Love Island villa – until he slept with his best pal, Olivia, with Rachel sleeping nearby.

They soon managed to bounce back and, in one of the series’ most surprising moments, Rykard decided to join his new love on the plane home after Rachel was voted off the island.

Things were going well for the couple once they left Love Island, until late last year.

Rachel announced their split in December, after almost 18 months together.

Sophie Gradon and Tom Powell

It was far from easy in the Love Island villa for Sophie and Tom – especially after his ex, Emma-Jane Woodhams, arrived.

But after they left the ITV2 dating show (Tom was voted off, while Sophie later followed after a brief pairing with Katie), they made a real go of things.

Until they confirmed their split a few months later, with accusations of cheating from both sides.

After their split, Tom was linked to fellow Love Islander, Malin Andersson while Sophie was linked to Ashley Ienco.

Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay

They were one of our favourite pairings last year.

But after sailing to victory in the Love Island villa, Kem and Amber split in December.

They said in a statement:

“With sadness, we’ve decided to separate. Our schedules made it difficult. We’ll remain good friends.”

Amber has since moved on with James Hawkins, after being set up by pal Olivia Attwood and Kem has been linked to some familiar faces.

Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt

Basically all of the Love Island viewers were delighted last season when Jamie entered the villa and immediately won over Camilla.

And once they did get together, they made it all the way to the final three couples – before ultimately loosing out on the top spot to Kem and Amber.

The couple are still together now, and regularly update their social media profiles with super-sweet selfies.

They also use their platforms to promote charitable causes.

Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes

Even with their obvious chemistry, things never went too smoothly for Chris and Olivia – especially with their constant arguments.

They made a real go of things once they got outside the Love Island villa, and even got a spin-off, Chris and Live: Crackin’ On. 

Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. Things came to a head for the former couple earlier this year, with their breakup being aired as the season finale.


Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville

Gabby was another late entry into the Love Island villa last season – but she caught Marcel’s eye almost immediately.

The connection between them delighted viewers, with many campaigning for them to win…however, they ended up finishing fourth.

The pair ended up making it work outside the Love Island villa for nine months, before splitting up earlier this year when it emerged Marcel had cheated on her.

He’s since claimed that she won’t answer his calls – but Gabby totally denied he had even tried to reach out.

Montana Brown and Alex Beattie

The first split of Love Island 2017, Montana and Alex confirm they had called time on their relationship just weeks after the show.

The former couple issued joint social media statements, talking about how “hard” it was to make it work outside the villa.

Montana has gone on to release a clothing line with Pretty Little Thing, as well as a six-month presenting gig with MTV.

Alex started his work as a model, as well as sparking up a relationship with a makeup blogger named Amy.

Dominic Lever and Jessica Shears

They were the first couple to be split up in the Love Island villa after Jess was dumped from the island early on.

And despite some hiccups – like reports that she had a fling with ‘Muggy’ Mike on the outside – the pair appear to be making it work on the outside.

They’re now engaged, and even stepped out in their swimwear to get married on Good Morning Britain earlier this year.

But it wasn’t a legit ceremony – and the pair are ac


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