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18th May 2019

Here’s what viewers made of Jack Whitehall hosting The Graham Norton Show

Paul Moore

Jack Whitehall

Jack Whitehall took over the Graham Norton couch for one night only.

Graham Norton is far from being just a TV chatshow host because even before he launched his iconic show, we all knew and loved the Corkman from his time on Father Ted.

Aside from his, Norton is also an established author and radio presenter, so he’s very much in demand. This week, Eurovision duty called as Norton had to temporarily leave his beloved chatshow and head off to Tel Aviv.

However, comedian Jack Whitehall was the man chosen to replace him and he was joined by Gwendoline Christie, Luke Evans, Peter Crouch and David Walliams on the couch.

Right from the beginning, Whitehall set the self-deprecating tone by noting just how weird it was to see someone else hosting Norton’s show but the interviews flowed extremely well.

Gwendoline Christie was happy to chat some about her strangest crushes, Peter Crouch gave a few great anecdotes about his time as a footballer – his famous answer when asked ‘what would you be if you weren’t a footballer? is always gold – Luke Evans had a few stories about meeting the cast of Friends, and there was a familiar vibe of friends slagging off each other between Walliams and Whitehall.

However, the main laugh of the night came during the ‘Big Red Chair’ segment when Whitehall got an unexpected blast from the past.

All things considered, viewers were pretty impressed with the new host because it couldn’t have been easy.

Plenty of viewers were impressed by Whitehall’s spot as the guest host on the show.

However, as good as Whitehall was, some viewers felt that his guest spot highlighted just how good Graham Norton is.

Clips via BBC