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06th Jul 2018

Emmerdale fans heartbroken as Debbie Dingle gets devastating news

"Nobody deserves that."

Keeley Ryan

“No one deserves that.”

Emmerdale fans were left heartbroken tonight as Debbie Dingle was given some devastating news about her daughter, Sarah.

Thursday night’s episode saw the young girl collapse while in a row with Debbie – who, in turn, was furious with Sarah, who recently was diagnosed with heart failure, for risking her health by going to a school dance.

Eventually, she admitted that she knew that she wasn’t actually well enough to go, before suddenly collapsing.

And tonight’s episode saw Debbie and Joe Tate being told that Sarah’s condition had “deteriorated significantly” – and there was more bad news in store.

The doctor explained that Sarah couldn’t be moved to the urgent transplant list or get a new heart until the virus was gone, as she wouldn’t be strong enough to survive the surgery and recovery.

As the consultant they were meeting with couldn’t actually answer how long it would take for her to get over the virus, Debbie began to realise that this mean Sarah may die.

A heartbroken Debbie asked him:

“If a heart becomes available now are you not going to give it to her?”

And when the doctor clarified that Sarah has to be strong enough to withstand the surgery and recovery, Debbie asked: “What are you going to do? Are you just going to let her die?”

Fans rushed to Twitter to share their sympathies after Debbie was given the devastating news.