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29th Mar 2021

Couple complain after ‘crotch lift’ video removed from TikTok

The video was deemed “unsuitable” for the platform.

TikTok has removed a video posted by football player Paulo Dybala and his girlfriend Oriana Sabatini.

The couple attempted to pull off the latest viral craze – the controversial crotch lift.

The trick typically involves one partner picking the other partner up with one arm under their crotch, and them carrying them for a short distance.

Unfortunately, Paulo and Oriana ran into some difficulty doing the trick, as The Irish Sun reports.

During the challenge, Paulo attempts to lift Oriana three times, although he is unable to maintain his grasp. At the end, Paulo hugs his girlfriend, appealing for forgiveness for the discomfort caused.

Oriana uploaded the video to TikTok originally, but it was taken down.

“TikTok at it again,” she said, sharing the video. “They erased this so it’s gone to Instagram.”

The crotch lift trick remains a popular challenge on social media.

It is unclear why exactly TikTok considered the video “unsuitable” or why they took the video down.

The Irish Sun reported that a number of comments were made, advising the couple on how to properly execute the trick.

“The problem is that Paulo’s arm is in the wrong place,” one user said. “He’s trying to lift Oriana up with his wrist and needs to put his forearm further forward.”

Dybala, originally from Argentina is a forward for Juventus. Over the course of his career he’s been given the nickname La Joya, or The Jewell, because of his value as an athlete.

Oriana, meanwhile, is a model, actress and singer, also from Argentina. Before dating Dybala, she was in a three year relationship with Julián Serrano, an Argentine actor and YouTuber.

Earlier this year, both Oriana and Paulo had to quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19.

The couple have been together since 2018.