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21st Dec 2017

Cadbury’s has replaced the fudge in selection boxes with another bar

Yay or nay?

Say adios to the fudge bar.

Yep, Cadbury’s has made a drastic change this year by replacing the traditional fudge bar with a dairy milk Oreo.

The fudge which was a timely classic whether you liked it or not is now well and truly history as the box has made some “upgrades”.

Now – we are actually quite ecstatic the fudge is gone, we thought to ourselves who eats them anyways, well, it looks like a lot of people in fact and they are outraged.


Whereas, other people (fudge haters) will be DELIRAH to hear the news of the new kid in town.

And lastly, it looks like this gal will be happy this year…