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20th Nov 2017

Viewers were all crying over the same thing on Blue Planet II last night

They had the absolute fear.

Laura Holland

Blue Planet

Every viewer watching Blue Planet II last night came away with the same thought – we need to make a change.

The show focused on the more expansive parts of the ocean where bigger mammals and sea life live.  As part of the show, they explored the world of sharks, dolphins and jellyfish.

At the end, it focused on how humans are polluting the world’s oceans every day, particularly by the amount of plastic we use. The Blue Planet II crew filmed evidence of this and also the impact it has on the creatures and fish living in the ocean.

One particular moment was very hard to watch. It showed a female pilot whale carrying around her dead calf for days after it had died. This broke everyone’s hearts as the little calf died from the plastic pollution in the ocean.

Everyone reacted in the same way after seeing this. Most people were crying and others declared that it was time to change.

The show stated that every year we dump over 8 tonnes of plastic in the ocean. While we have a long way to go before we make a big change, the BBC has given some advice on how we can change our everyday routine to help the situation.

Start small – swap out your plastic for cardboard. So, for example, if you use cotton buds, then change them for the cardboard version, rather than the plastic kind.