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14th Aug 2023

A Barbie sequel may be on the way following box-office success

Guess the colour pink ain’t going anywhere anytime soon…

The Barbie movie has taken over the world since its release last month and it looks like it’s going to stay that way.

Racking in a whopping €1 billion worldwide, there have been whispers of a sequel and we may all be back in Barbie Land sooner than we thought.

The Sun revealed that the crews behind the hit movie has already been contacted to discuss working on the sequel.

“It is very early days, but it’s become apparent that bosses want the same crew for the sequel as they did for the first. Emails have been sent but firmer details have to be finalised,” a source told The Sun.

We can see why production is seeking the keep the format and staff similar to the first, given the success and acclaim it has received since it hit the big screens.

It seems producers are hoping to smash even more records by reviving the Mattel dolls once more.

It is the first female-directed movie to gross over € 1 billion, as well as the biggest opening of a film (and a female-directed film) in 2023, the highest opening for a non-sequel, toy-based film, and for a movie without iMax.

It also set some set personal bests’ for Robbie and Gosling as neither has had a film open to more money at the box office.

Robbie’s previous highest was Suicide Squad (€133.7 million) and Gosling’s was Blade Runner 2049 (€32.8 million).

What do you think? Would you be happy to see a sequel?

I personally think they should leave it as a stand-alone but I’ll also be the first person at the cinema if it happens.