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18th Aug 2017

There was an absolutely massive revelation on tonight’s Eastenders

Did you see it?

Cathy Donohue

Max Branning

A massive revelation.

As Eastenders fans will know, Jay Brown has been like a son to Phil Mitchell since his own father died, Jase Dyer, died.

Phil recently made the decision to give Jay the car lot, a generous call by any stretch of the imagination, but now the real reason behind this has choice been revealed.

Jay has always believed that his father was killed by a gang but in tonight’s episode, Phil said that it was him who actually murdered Jase.

This led people to question the storyline because many people remember Jase’s death aired on the soap.

In dramatic scenes, Phil told Jay that the car lot was where he killed Jase and of course, this revelation came as a major shock to Jay.

However, that’s not all for there have also been questions raised about whether Jase is actually Jay’s father and if Phil was actually referring to someone else entirely.

As longtime Eastenders viewers know, there was a fire at the car lot years ago and a homeless man sleeping in one of the cars died.

This has led people to question whether this man was Jay’s father and not Jase at all.

Only time will tell what’s about to happen with this particular plot but one thing is for sure, Eastenders viewers are very eager to find out what the truth is.