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25th Dec 2013

Women of the Year – 10 Celebrities We Loved in 2013

The women we’re raising a toast to in 2013

It’s been a good year for women in showbiz. From amazing female-led movies to incredible gigs and breathtaking fashion collections, sisters have been very busy doing it for themselves. Here are ten we’re raising a toast to for rocking our world in 2013.



Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games star made the entire world fall in love with her this year with her hilarious interviews, wonderful films and an attitude that suggests she’d make an amazing bestie. Plus, she fell up the steps at the Oscars. She’s one of us.



Kate Middleton

Back in July, everyone’s favourite royal gave birth to the future King of England. She’s handled her new motherhood with the class and grace we’ve come to expect from her, all the while with the eyes of the world fixed firmly on her.  Talk about pressure…

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge 1st wedding anniversary


Amy Huberman

She’s Irish, she’s got a wicked sense of humour, she’s a talented actress and author, and she just seems so bloody… nice. We absolutely adore Hubes, and dressing up as her own hubby for Halloween was the icing on the cake. Legend.



Lea Michele

It’s been the toughest year of Lea’s life, with the untimely passing of her co-star and boyfriend Cory Monteith. But the young star has come out fighting, insisting that the show go for Glee, and recording and releasing her solo music.

lea michele 2012+Something+Awards+Red+Carpet august 2012 b


Anna Kendrick

Tied for our first place pick of ‘Dream Celeb Bestie’ with Lawrence. Kendrick is cool, and hilarious. THAT tweet re Ryan Gosling and, um, ‘enjoying’ herself in the cinema was social media gold.

Steve Granitz



Still number one on the Forbes list of Most Powerful Celebrities. Even after she has stepped down from her long-running chat show, Oprah is still hard at work on her O network. Added to a stellar turn in Oscar-tipped movie ‘The Butler’, it’s been a good year for Winfrey.

2006 Oprah Winfrey's Legends Ball

Victoria Beckham

She’s gone from being instructed to pout, stay quite and wear exclusively black clothing and lippie in her Spice Girl days to a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. A mum of four, devoted wife and hugely successful businesswoman, we doff our caps to VB.

Viva Forever musical launch - London

Khloe Kardashian

Whether you love or loathe the show, it seems everyone likes this member of the famous clan. Khloe might be putting a brave face on following some heartbreak right now, but we suspect she has everything it takes to come out the other side stronger and better. Jog on, Lamar.




As if we could ever leave her out. Queen B has spent another year kicking ass and taking names, and then she goes and makes our Christmas with the news she’s taking her tour to Ireland. If anyone needs us, we’ll be in the queue. We love you B.



Susan Boyle

It’s only in recent weeks that SuBo has spoken out about being diagnosed with Asperger’s. We have HUGE admiration for the singer for going public to talk about the condition, raising awareness all over the world. She’s a bit of a heroine, is Susan.

susan boyle march 2012 two