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24th Jul 2015

There’s A Surprisingly Strange Book About Lana Del Rey Set To Be Released

You won’t believe who the author is…

Talk about being an open book.

Lana Del Rey is about to have a collection of her real-life conversations published in a book this year… conversations that have been written up and recorded by her boyfriend James Franco.

2015 Atlanta Film Festival - "The Heyday Of The Insensitive Bastards" Screening

While some couples would prefer to keep their personal lives private, Franco has announced the conversations and photo collection will be teamed with a series of images of his girlfriend over the past year.


The book Flip-Side: Real and Imaginary Conversations With Lana Del Rey will be a collaborative effort with co-author David Shields, and will feature both real and sometimes imaginary conversations between the singer and her other half/ imaginary confidante.

Previously speaking about his relationship with the singer songwriter, Franco said:

“I’ll tell you why, maybe it’s a boring answer. There’s a weird thing with creative types. Sometimes I love a person’s work and, like, I’m just so enamored with that and their persona in their work. But outside of that, it’s like, our dynamic is we’re just kind of friends, we get along so well. But all this sexual attraction is for the person and the work. We go to Coney Island and hang out. I would have sex with her music.”

The book is set for release next spring.