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10th Sep 2013

Sinead O’Connor Gets a Man’s Initials Tattooed on Her Face

That's one way to make sure you never forget him...

Rebecca McKnight

Sinead O’Connor has added to her considerable collection of tattoos with a man’s initials now inked on her face.

The singer told The Irish Sun that she had the initials ‘B’ and ‘Q’ etched onto her cheeks almost a fortnight ago, following an argument with the mystery man, whom she refused to name.

Speaking to the paper, O’Connor said; ‘It is a B and a Q….the initials of the last man who will ever sh*t all over me.’

She added; ‘It’s dangerous to be considered pretty… I feel safer having un-prettied my face…and he doesn’t get to forget that.’

Sinead on the cover of today’s Irish Sun, showing off her latest ink