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01st Aug 2015

Neville Longbottom Actor Matthew Lewis Wished JK Rowling Happy Birthday In The Sweetest Way

Talk about a lasting impression.

She may have enriched the lives of children and adults the world over with tales of wizardry, but it seems JK Rowling has her own touch of magic when it comes to the people around her.

To mark her birthday yesterday, a series of celebrities wished the author a happy birthday, whether it was a tweet, Instagram post or a letter.

jk rowling

While Time magazine collected some from the world of social media, Matthew Lewis who played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter series had his own words of praise for Jo.

Published yesterday evening, the letter read:

‘I could talk about the millions of lives Jo has enriched whether through the stories and characters she’s created or through the millions of pounds she’s given to charity. She’s a remarkable woman. However, I would like to thank Jo for changing MY life. Without her imagination and her talent I would never have become the man I am today. That’s not even to mention her generosity and loyalty when it has come to supporting everything that I have done in the years since Harry Potter. She’s just a wonderful human being and I consider myself so privileged and honoured to call her a friend. Happy birthday, Jo.’

Talk about a lasting impression.