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07th Oct 2013

Move Over Miley, Sinead O’Connor Has a New Target

The singer is taking on TD Alan Farrell

Though it now looks as though her feud with Miley Cyrus has run out of steam, Sinead O’Connor most certainly has not.

The singer’s latest open letter target is TD Alan Farrell.

Farrell, who was tuned in to O’Connor’s Friday night appearance on The Late Late Show, described the performer as ‘mad as a brush’ on his Twitter account, something Sinead is very unhappy about.

In an open letter published on her website, O’Connor tackled Farrell for his ‘fascism’ on those deemed to be mentally ill. Her letter reads: 


Wow Alan.

So its ok for Government representatives to practice fascism on those they deem to be mentally ill?

How extraordinarily interesting.

Could you discuss please and explain both of your tweets.

I’d like an explanation (detailed) and I’m sure many people who struggle with mental health issues would like one also.

Could you also let us all know when you became a psychiatrist?

And finally could you let me know whether or not the Irish Government’s attitude to child trafficking prevention .. “We don’t run flights to risk areas” is not way more insane than anything I may have done or not done?

Am I a facilitator for child abuse? No.

Is the Irish Government? Yes. Knowingly.

Is abuse of those perceived correctly or incorrectly ‘mad’ a breach of human rights?


As is the non-prevention of child trafficking by those who pose as a civilised government.


Farrell has yet to respond.