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01st Aug 2012

More Jackson Drama: Now Michael Jackson’s Former Nanny Has Gotten Involved…

The former nanny to Michael Jackson's family has waded into the middle of the current Jackson family feud...

Have you been following all the drama that has been taking place in the Jackson family home over the past week? If so, we have an update for you: now Michael Jackson’s former nanny has gotten involved.

The Irish Independent reports that Grace Rwaramba, who looked after Michael Jackson’s children for over a decade, has said that she is not surprised about the current fights and struggles within the Jackson family.

“Everyone knows that Michael went to great lengths to protect his children from the public eye,” said Grace, speaking to RadarOnline recently.

“While the use of veils and masks was unconventional, it only highlights how important this issue was to him,” she added.

Grace Rwaramba: Michael Jackson’s former nanny.

Grace openly spoke to the website about the current drama that is taking place within the family and spoke about Michael’s daughter, Paris and her “outspoken nature.”

“The recent drama surrounding Michael’s mother, Katherine, the on-going custody issues and now the public dispute between Paris and Janet is exactly what Michael wanted to protect his children from,” said Grace.

Grace stated that Paris has been “very vocal” about the “discord” between her aunts and uncles and while Paris has received some negative backlash from the public for her remarks about the issues within the family, Grace believes that Michael’s daughter should be given “a chance to make and learn from her mistakes without demonizing her.”

“She is a spirited, very expressive and dramatic young girl,” said Grace.

“The traits that made her the apple of her father’s eye are the same traits that she must learn to control as she matures into adulthood,” she added.

Over the weekend it was revealed that Paris and her two brothers, Prince Michael and Blanket, are currently seeking the right to have themselves legally emancipated from Michael Jackson’s family.

It was also revealed that Michael’s mother, Katherine, was planning on pleading with a court in order to be granted full custody of the children once again.