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27th Feb 2024

Love Island’s Dami Hope pens heartfelt tribute following father’s death

Kat O'Connor

Love Island star Dami Hope shared the harrowing news on Instagram

Love Island star Dami Hope has announced the heartbreaking death of his father.

Dami shared the harrowing news on Instagram, where he paid a moving tribute to his dad.

“There’s pain in my heart as I write this. Took me a while to actually say it out loud to the point at times I didn’t even know what to say. Nothing feels real, I keep praying I’m just in a fever dream and everything will be as it once was when I wake up.

Dami said he’s been waking up to “the same painful reality” following the tragic loss.

“He’s no longer here anymore and it kills me inside. I would have done anything to have been able to keep him here!” he shared.

The reality star said his father “paved the way for all of us” and praised him for teaching him so much throughout his life.

He said his father was the first person to teach him how to be “selfless unconditionally and unwaveringly”.

“I learned how to laugh because of him. He really was the first person to ever make laugh on this green earth, memories that bear so much weight at my core.

Dami opened up about the pain of grief in an incredibly honest way in his heartbreaking post and said death brings so much trauma.

“Memories with people really ought to be cherished more, especially with loved ones. I want to honour him with my tears, my pain, my laughter, and my joy because these are things that are deserving of the pillar he was in our lives.”

Dami vowed to do everything he could to honour his late father.

“I will miss you every day for the rest of my life, Dad. Thank you for always being someone to look up to. Even in death, I will still look up to you. I’m happy I was by your side till the bitter end, I hope every word I spoke to you reached you. I love you Dad and even though I’m my mom’s twin I’m most definitely my father’s son.”