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22nd Dec 2023

How Kate Middleton avoids being spotted in public

Anna Martin

kate middleton

Sometimes Kate Middleton just wants to pop into the shops

Okay maybe the Princess of Wales isn’t running out to buy bread and milk like the rest of us but sometimes she does like to get out of the house…or well palace.

All jokes aside, how does someone as famous as Kate manage to sneak around in public without being caught? Well, we might have the answer.

Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown recently released a tell-all book, The Palace Papers, which revealed how the princess avoids being caught.

kate middleton
Credit: Getty

According to the author, Kate would set her alarm for the early hours of the morning, when she could leave to have some “me time” in public without being pestered, The Daily Record reports.

The journalist stated that the royal would go to her favourite places to enjoy some rest and relaxation before the day began and the streets were filled with people.

Going out at such an early time, also meant that Kate avoided photographers and reporters, in addition to citizens who might recognise her.

A majority of the time, this strategy has served her well, but she has been caught out by folks armed with a camera on occasion.

For example, the princess was previously seen visiting a David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy in London on what was meant to be a private trip.

kate middleton
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Unfortunately, her cover was blown and her excursion proved to be a failure.

It seems that private time away from the public eye is something important to both Kate and her husband Prince William even from the early days of their relationship.

It’s been said that the couple used to sneak off to a secret home on the royal Balmoral Estate with one another, spending several days together.