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23rd Jul 2013

Congrats: Nine Of The Best Royal Baby Reactions

There's so many to choose from!

Let’s face it, the world (including ourselves) went a bit mad yesterday with the arrival of the royal baby.

But we have to say that looking back, some of the reactions were brilliant. Here are nine of our favourites…

1. Metro Herald

The freesheet made us smile this morning with its careful headline placement.

2. Melissa Joan Hart

She might have been all sweet on Sabrina The Teenage Witch but even actress Melissa Joan Hart couldn’t resist making fun of another celebrity baby name in her tweet this morning.

3. The Obamas

Barack and Michelle Obama released a very nice statement. It read: “Michelle and I are so pleased to congratulate The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the joyous occasion of the birth of their first child. We wish them all the happiness and blessings parenthood brings.

“The child enters the world at a time of promise and opportunity for our two nations. Given the special relationship between us, the American people are pleased to join with the people of the United Kingdom as they celebrate the birth of the young prince.”

4. The Sun

Or should we say The Son. The newspaper changed its name for the day to mark the new arrival.

5. Jack Osbourne

His sister Kelly also sent out a congratulatory tweet but we have to admit that Jack’s was far better. The father-of-one  wrote: “EPIC!!!! a new prince was born. its like real life Game of Thrones #royalbaby”.

6. Chrissy Teigen

The American model has been very busy on Twitter during the last 12 hours. She began by tweeting: “BABY BOY good thing I didn’t tweet my prediction of ginger girl”. This was followed up with: “Poor Harry. A tiny baby has more power than him. Unacceptable”.

She also compared her experience of throwing up wine to Kate’s experience of giving birth. Not quite sure where that came from but anyway…


7. Daily Mail

Going with the grandfather angle, the UK publication had a bit of fun with their front page this morning. (Hat-tip to Simone Armer for sending this to us on Twitter.)

8. The Muppets

We tell you, if we were congratulated on our bundle of joy by the Muppets, we’d be very happy indeed. So jealous!

9. Joan Rivers

Ever the comedienne, Joan also focused in on the name choice at the same time taking a subtle swipe at Beyoncé and Gwyneth. Well played Joan, well played.