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10th Nov 2023

Brian Dowling chats to about what makes a house a home

Kat O'Connor

Brian Dowling tells all about sustainability, home makeovers, and his daughter Blake

Brian Dowling is the new host of Virgin Media’s ‘The Salvage Squad’ and has proven he’s right at home when presenting. The new series has won over viewers with Brian’s infectious personality, the team’s ability to make something old look brand new, and for educating viewers about sustainability in an educational, but enjoyable way.

Speaking about his time working on the show, Brian told that it was a total joy to work on such an important, but exciting show.

He shared, “We’re so used to seeing home makeover shows show you these fabulous interior designers, but not everyone has access to that. Sustainability, especially in the world we live in now, is so important. Not only for the planet but for people too.”

Brian explained that teaching people how to renew homeware and furniture will help give homes around the country a new lease of life without breaking the bank, something we’re all conscious of during the cost of living crisis. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and happy in their home, but not all of us have the funds to transform our abodes. Luckily, Brian and his crew are here to help.

“None of our families can buy anything new and they also have to nominate something in their home, something that is a bit jaded and old, that’s in dire need of some TLC. We’re giving their belongings a new lease of life.”

What Brian loved most about the show is how much the home makeovers will help. We all spend so much time in our homes and it’s a place where we all want to unwind and a space we should enjoy. However, not all of us will have the funds to splash out on new furniture or even have the time to jazz up our homes. ‘The Salvage Squad’ helps us see that even the tiniest (and more affordable) changes can make the world of a difference.

But what really makes a house a home?

Presenter Brian Dowling bypassed all material answers and went for the sweetest option of all, his daughter Blake.

He told Her’s Kat O’Connor that hearing Blake laugh makes everything better. “Anytime that I hear Blake laugh like I mean belly laughing, that feels like home. There’s just something so nice about hearing Blake laugh. 

“Our house is sometimes such a mess, like her play area, but hearing Blake laugh makes that worth it. When your house is a mess and you hear your child belly laugh, you just don’t care. I no longer care about how tired, how pale how exhausted, or how hungry I am.

“My mom used to say, if you go to someone’s house and they have a child and their house is perfect, there’s something wrong. The house should have stains, your house should look untidy. 

“Hearing your child laugh is infectious. They do say it’s good for you and boosts your serotonin levels. Maybe I don’t need Botox, I just need to hear Blake laugh,” Brian quipped.

The Salvage Squad continues 8pm Sunday on Virgin Media One.