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24th Aug 2015

Have An iPhone 6? This News Means You Could Need A New Phone

Issues with your blurry images? Read on.


If you happen to have bought an iPhone 6 but were less than impressed with the quality of your camera, chances are it’s not your snapping skills.

If you bought an iPhone 6 Plus between September 2014 and January 2015, and you’re noticing your selfies and food porn snaps for Instagram are coming out blurry, your phone could have an Apple fault.

According to The Verge, Apple is now saying that there were phones sold during this period last year that had potentially faulty components in the rear camera, resulting in blurry photos for all.

Having identified their fault, Apple is offering a free rear camera replacement on all phones that were affected by this tech mishap.

All you need to do to check if your phone is on the faulty list is type your phone’s serial number into the Apple website here.

So you can stop beating yourself up over letting your phone fall that one time.

Prepare for selfie central.

H/T The Verge