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02nd Aug 2015

PICS: Kim Kardashian Shares Easy To Imitate Contour Tricks With Step-By-Step Guide

This way to chiselled cheekbones.

Love her or loathe her, it’s safe to say Kim Kardashian (ok her make-up artist) has mastered the art of contouring.

The 34-year old posted a series of snaps of the make-up trick process, showing the step-by-step guide to achieving her contoured look:

The four-pic collage showed the star’s face covered in three different shades of concealer, working the angles of her face.

A darker shade of concealer appears to be on her cheeks, chin and alongside her nose, while a lighter colour has been used around the star’s mouth and jawline. A colour closer to Kim’s foundation was then used to blend the make-up into her natural skin colour.

As well as blending the colours to create her signature beauty style, celebrity artist Mario Dedivanovic added a bold lip and blue eye-liner to complete the look.

Battling with some extra sheen?

Make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic recently revealed that the Kardashian clan are also big fans of the ‘baking’ make-up trend.