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28th Nov 2023

You need to hear Ronan Keating’s cover of this classic Christmas song

Sarah McKenna Barry

Ronan Keating

Brought to you by Rockshore. Please drink responsibly. 

You can thank us later

We’ve officially hit giddy season folks, bringing with it a sense of excitement, anticipation, and of course, the return of the Christmas bop.

Whether it’s on our commute, in the kitchen, or if our colleagues will tolerate it, in the office, there’s no beating a Christmas belter. And, if there’s one genre of Christmas song to rival the classics, it’s got to be innovative covers by familiar faces. Indeed, these tracks see us through the festive period, carrying us over to the 26th. With the chaos of Christmas out of the way, St. Stephen’s Day is made to be spent relaxing with friends and this year, we’ve got the soundtrack sorted.

That’s right, the folks at Rockshore have cooked up the Christmas cover to end all Christmas covers, and it stars none other than Ronan Keating. The Boyzone star and Irish noughties icon is dipping his toe into Christmas music, and the result is an instant earworm.

The track titled– Most Wonderful Time for a Beer – is a refreshingly Irish take on the ’60s classic, and Ronan isn’t alone. Indeed, he is accompanied by Rockshore’s Rockó on the piano, as they trade playful banter and cheeky insults. Sure, how else do we show our love? Nothing is off the table in this track, not even that infamous appearance on the Late Late Show.

You can watch the full video here:

At its heart, Most Wonderful Time for a Beer is a celebration of a severely underrated Christmas tradition – St. Stephen’s Day pint. Sure, there’s a magic to the build-up to the holiday, and Christmas itself, but there’s something very special about taking a moment to unwind and catch up with your chosen family on the 26th. After all, there’s so much to enjoy on St. Stephen’s Day, from great movies and sports on TV, a fridge stocked full of tasty leftovers and a group chat eagerly planning a pub outing.

In short, St. Stephen’s Day comes as a refresher and calls for an equally refreshing lager, and Rockshore delivers in that regard.

Brought to you by Rockshore. Please drink responsibly.