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27th Jan 2013

Cult Beauty – The Best Australia Has To Offer

We know Australia Day is over but these beauty brands deserve a shout out all year round. From scrubs to make your skin shine to super hydrating balms, we reveal our fave finds from the land down under

If there’s one thing Aussie’s do well it’s beauty.

From plant derived products to the latest innovations in skincare, Australian brands have been enjoying huge success in the last couple of years and are frequently becoming more widely available this side of the equator.

Maybe it’s because they have better ingredients or maybe it’s because they spend a lot of time practically in the nip but whatever the reason, Aussie’s have mastered the mid-range market and there are plenty of reasonably priced brands that deliver big results.

Here we reveal our top picks that you need in your beauty armour…

Lucas Papaw Ointment

Anyone who’s been to Australia will know that this wonder ointment is a national treasure and a handbag essential – and with good reason. Packed full of goodness, it’s the Antipodean answer to Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream but without the hefty price-tag or the over-powering smell. It transforms chapped lips, helps soothe an array of skin ailments and has healing properties to boot. And it’s super cheap. We literally can’t get enough of the stuff!

Lucas Papaw Ointment, from €4.50 at

Trilogy Rosehip Oil

If you’re yet to discover the wonder powers of Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil, listen up because it’s literally one of the best beauty products we have ever used. Loved by fellow Aussie Miranda Kerr, the wonder oil reduces wrinkles, gives skin a gorgeous glow and absorbs super quick. And it’s 100 percent natural so no nasty chemicals. It’s expensive but a bottle lasts for months and we guarantee you won’t regret the slight splurge.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil, €36.50

Aesop Geranium Lead Body Scrub

In a market over-run with products made from complex ingredients and sold using scientific jargon, sometimes the simplest formulas shine through and Aesop is a perfect example of this. Its line of no-nonsense hair and skincare products combine old-school techniques with the latest innovations and the packaging looks reassuringly sensible and fuss-free. This weekly body scrub is a best-seller and will leave your skin feeling unbelievably soft and clean. And, thanks to its purifying properties Mandarin and Bergamot oils is especially great for anyone who suffers from in-grown hairs.

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub, €29