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09th Nov 2016

The latest Snapchat update is a recipe for disaster

We're not too sure about this one.

Be warned – nothing you put on Snapchat is safe now.

Snapchat has a new update and with it comes a completely new feature. You’re now able to send one of your friend’s Snaps to someone else. They can only come from their Story and get sent as a direct message to another user.

You’re able to send videos and pictures, but you can only send individual Snaps and not the entire Story.

To do it you hold on the person’s Snap that you wish to share. Once you’ve done that, an option will pop up to select some of your Snapchat friends to send the Snap on to.

This will leave people open to some potential embarrassment if, for instance, a Snap gets sent to someone who shouldn’t see it or if someone gets trigger happy with their Snapchat on a night out.

We’re all for Snapchat updates but we’re not too sure about this one.