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23rd Nov 2016

Zara has introduced a very random range of accessories

Would you buy one!?


Star signs are having a moment and it seems, every second day a jewellery brand introduces a collection of star sign themed necklaces/bracelets/rings.

The trend has also translated to fashion, you’ve probably spotted jumpers emblazoned with the signs for Libra, Scorpio and the like, and now Zara has a range of star sign themed bags.

Spotted on Cosmopolitan, the ‘Horoscope’ bags are available to buy online now and there are some interesting designs.

Think studs, bright colours, a rather creepy doll design, faux fur, embellishment and so on.

While I’m all about the crossbody bag at the minute, see here for why, I’m just not sold on the match your star sign to your accessory thing. Not yet anyway.

I’ve included a couple of the designs below but you can check out the entire 12-piece collection on the Zara website too.

The Appliqué Bag – Taurus


The Scorpio Bag – Scorpio


The Feather Bag- Aquarius


The Doll Bag – Virgo


The Brave Bag – Aries


What do you think, would you get involved with this particular trend?