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15th Aug 2012

The Style Bible Sins We’re Allowed To Commit

The style guide rules our mothers and grandmothers swore by...but we're allowed to break.

You can’t wear two patterns at once, underwear should not be seen through your clothes…Pardon me?

Our mothers and grandmothers’ generations had their fashion bible rules written in stone and it was a sin to break them. We’re rebelling and telling you the style rules that this generation is allowed to, and should, break.

Style Bible Rule One: Don’t Wear Clashing Patterns

Commit the sin ladies. Clashing patterns are where it’s at. Team florals with more masculine prints or take a look at Givenchy’s Spring 2013 collection and clash paisley ethnics for a soft, feminine look.

Style Bible Rule Two: Wear Matching Shoes and Handbags

This rule disappeared about twenty years ago. Any woman over the age of thirty who matches their handbag and shoes will automatically look ten years older. And that includes weddings.

Style Bible Rule Three: Older Women Should Have Short Hair

There is truth in the fact that most older women have shorter hair because the aging process not only affects our skin, but also our hair. However, the rule that there is a specific cut-off point for a woman to style her hair short is nonsense. You will know yourself when your hair becomes finer and needs to be cut shorter, it may be at the age of twenty-five, it may be at the age of sixty-five.

Style Bible Rule Four: Older women Should Have Lower Hemlines

The style bible seemed to love bashing older women out of any enjoyment they could get from fashion trends. This rule should be broken. If you have the legs, flaunt them. Just because a woman is hitting the big six oh, doesn’t mean that her legs can’t be in better shape than someone half her age. And we know that this is the case a lot of the time. It’s all about the dress cut, make sure the dress is flattering from all angles and not just being worn to show off your slim pins.

Style Bible Rule Five: Underwear Should Not Be Seen Through Your Clothes

Now, where’s the enjoyment in that? We don’t mean having a cheap thong perched halfway up your back, but how about a sneaky peek of lingerie through a chiffon blouse on a night out? We see nothing wrong…

Style Bible Rule Six: Jewellery Must Match

Commit this sin immediately. Matching earrings and necklaces age a woman years. It takes a special kind of class to pull off the Audrey Hepburn pearl earring and necklace combination successfully. There are no rules about clashing silver and gold jewellery either, we think the more clashing jewellery the better.

Style Bible Rule Seven: Never Wear Black with Brown or Navy

Our rule: ALWAYS wear black with navy and brown. Nothing adds a bit of dimension to a black outfit than a tan leather bag or brown clutch. Equally, navy and black can look good together and, when teamed with the right accessories, can make for a very classy outfit

Style Bible Rule Eight: Don’t Wear Red If You Are A Red-head

Nonsense. You cannot make up such a simplistic rule for a colour of hair that ranges from strawberry blonde to auburn red. Take note of your own shade of red, sometimes it is pinks that will look odd with your colouring, other times it may be a wine red. Be it a red dress or rouge lipstick, ‘Mad Men’s curvaceous redhead Christina Hendricks always wears red well.

Style Bible Rule Nine: Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen..Except In The Washing Machine, Or With Another Colour In Between.

Another questionable rule. The important thing when wearing blue and green together is to aim for a contrast in colours. Concentrate on the shades. For example, wearing lime green and sky blue can look bright and garish but a lime green and a darker navy blue can look well. The same will work for a darker green, which would work well with a brighter teal.