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12th Mar 2014

Ask The Stylist – Linda Conway Gives Us Her Tips On Layering

Layer up!

The transition from winter into spring can be a difficult one when it comes to sartorial style.

It might be sunny, but it’s also pretty cold which is where layering comes in.

We spoke to stylist Linda Conway, who has contributed to Ireland AM, Xposé and Social and Personal, to find out how to perfect the trend that is layering.

Here’s what she had to say:

You’ve picked the perfect outfit for lunch with the girls, but of course with typical Irish weather, it’s freezing.

There’s also a chance of torrential rain or perhaps even a heat wave. What’s a girl to do?

Whether it be work, casual or going out looks, us Irish ladies have more to consider when it comes to looking stylish.

The elements on our fair isle leave us with fewer options and there’s often moments where we stand in front of our wardrobes, thinking we having nothing to wear.

Fear not, the secret to looking stylish in Irish weather is.. layering!


Start with a basic layer. In the case of freezing weather, your mother was right, thermals are the way forward. A form fitting basic vest top will become your new best friend. This is a great start for any layering newbie.

Once you have this down add another top of your choice. Loose shirts and fine knit jumpers are perfect.

Next, a coat or jacket. Depending on how cold it is outside you may even look to a neat jacket, such as a leather one and add a gilet over it.

The result is stylish and because the inside jacket is form fitting you’re not adding bulk and loosing shape.

Then there is the dreaded rain. Often clammy and uncomfortable,  this is the kind of weather that makes staying stylish difficult.

This need not be the case if you invest in a jacket/coat with a hood.


There are some great options available from high street stores now that have a removable inner fleeced layer which can double as a rain jacket and for the chillier days a cosy coat.

Accessories are key to keeping stylish when layering. Pick up a few scarves to mix and match with your wardrobe. They’re cosy, functional and add style to basic t-shirt and jean combos.

Keep a small umbrella in your handbag for the sneaky showers.

When all hope is lost, look to blogs or Pinterest for inspiration of how to style the pieces in your wardrobe into a styled and layered up look.

Experimenting is key here, some items look great on their own, but not with something over or underneath it. It takes time, but be patient and you’ll soon be a layering pro.

There is a limit to layering however, look to Joey to see if you’ve gone too far!