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09th Jul 2018

Guess these famous Irish pop songs from just one line of lyrics

Calling all 90's kids!

Brought to you by Club Zero.

We enjoy celebrating all things Irish here at Her.

And today, this includes our favourite 90s pop artists who were pure and ultimate CRINGE. But, we adore them all the same because… they were ours.

It’s pretty clear they’ll forever hold a special (nostalgic) place in our heart, so hopefully your memory will serve you well when it comes to remembering who sang these 90s pop bangers.

Speaking of things wonderful and Irish, this month we’re celebrating the refreshing launch of the new Club Zero Lemon.

The Club Zero range includes Orange, Rock Shandy, and Raspberry (as well as the aforementioned Club Zero Lemon). Oh and don’t forget to grab yourself a limited-edition Club Zero Super Split – ideal for the scorcher of a month that’s in it.

Well, here it is… enjoy that Club Lemon Zero, and see how well you can remember these absolute CHOOONS!

Brought to you by Club Zero.

Club is the number one Irish soft drink in the market and a quintessential Irish brand that has excited and entertained consumers since it was first developed in Dublin in the 1930s. Club is renowned for its superior taste and texture (the ‘bits’) and now you can discover the great zero sugar taste with the Club Zero range. For more information, check out the Club Facebook page.