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09th Oct 2018

Budget 2019 calculator: How much will the budget affect your income?

Louise Carroll

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It’s your Budget 2019 Tax Calculator below everyone.

If your curious as to how Budget 2019 will impact your take home pay, this handy little calculator below from takes into account a few little bits to find out.

Today, the standard tax rate threshold increased, home carer tax credit increased, as did social welfare. The price of cigarettes has risen and the hourly minimum wage has increased too. But what to these mean for our pockets? (Get a full breakdown of the budget here.)

If you’ve worked full or part-time, been to the doctor or dentist, gone for physio treatments, paid rent, worked abroad or been made redundant – it’s worth checking out if you’re owed any tax back too.

Taxback’s services include a FREE Refund Estimation, a 24/7 Live Chat Support and a Maximum Legal Refund is guaranteed. With 322,000 tax returns sorted out by them each year – it seems there are plenty of people who haven’t realised they could pop some of that cash back in their pocket.

Taxback also offer tax refunds from 13 different countries – so if you’ve been working Down Under, for example, it could be worth your while looking into also.