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16th Feb 2014

Women Jailed For Not Returning Video Cassette She Rented Nine Years Ago

A word of warning, people!

Kayla Michelle Finley, a woman from Pickens Country in South Carolina, was put behind bars for one night for not returning a video cassette.

According to the Daily Mail, the 27-year-old rented Monster-in-Law from a video store but when she failed to return the tape, she was sent a warning letter asking her to return the film.

When she didn’t return the tape, a warrant was issued for her arrest.


Ms. Finley was kept behind bars overnight after she went to report a crime at the police station. When her details were checked, they noticed the outstanding warrant.

She was charged with petit larceny and failing to return a rented video cassette.

The video shop in question has since shut down.

Finley denied that she ever received any warnings for the return of the video. She was released the following morning.

‘It’s obvious that Pickens County has nothing better to do,’ Finley told Fox News. ‘I fully intend on fighting this, it’s ridiculous I had this happen to me.”