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05th Sep 2016

Woman told by Dublin clinic that abortions cause cancer and depression

The reporter went undercover.


Late last night, Twitter began to rattle and hum over Ellen Coyne and Catherine Sanz’s article, appearing in today’s Irish edition of The Times.

The headline reads ‘Women told abortion can cause cancer and create sex abusers’ and exposes the blatant lies and agenda serving advice that The Women’s Centre in Dublin is currently peddling to vulnerable women seeking abortions.

Journalist, Ellen Coyne exposed this Dublin-based ‘Roman Catholic anti-abortion group’ by going undercover and indicating that she wanted to terminate her pregnancy.

Coyne was given bias, anti -abortion advice by a person “who claimed to be a counsellor”.

The reporter was shown “pictures of aborted foetuses and had the body parts identified, and had her psychological status questioned”. Then she was warned off using any other services bar their own because “other British abortion clinics could give her an infection”.

Also contained in the report was a statement made previously by the Advertising Standards Agency in London, relating to a sister clinic in the UK, it reads:

“The Women’s Centre in London has been censured by the Advertising Standards Agency for giving the misleading impression that it was an abortion clinic when it would not refer women for terminations.”

She was told that having an abortion could harm her reproductive system, cause breast cancer, and could lead to abuse of future children, the counsellor told her:

“That’s not to say women get their kids and knock the head off them. It means they have been known to neglect their children or overprotect them- it’s a psychological thing.”

She was given  literature to take away, which listed further “side effects” of abortion, such as, suicidal impulses, an intense interest in babies, an inability to forgive herself,constant sighing, crying and swallowing, a preoccupation with death, a loss of interest in sex, coma, loss of organs, a desire to end her relationship, loss of maternal instincts and lower self-esteem.

As stated in the report, the clinic would not respond to any direct questions put to it by The Times but it did however, make

“a series of unrelated claims about the newspaper’s motivations and its fear of “the truth”.”

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