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07th Mar 2016

Woman Found Dead In Lift A Month After Power Cut Off

A building maintenance crew in China have been detained by law enforcement after the discovery of a woman’s body in an elevator shaft which had its power mistakenly cut off a month earlier.

The Independent report that two maintenance workers turned off the power source in a residential building on the 30th of January in an apartment block after they were called to fix a glitch.

However, a safety check was not carried out before the power was turned off, and when the crew returned to make repairs they found the corpse of a 43-year-old female resident who lived alone.

Police stated her cause of death as ‘gross negligence.’

According to the LA Times: “Local media reports portrayed the victim as mentally ill and said that her family believed she had just gotten lost somewhere. They had reported her missing but did not take further steps to determine her whereabouts.”

Since the discovery, residents have held a protest against the behaviour and negligence of the maintenance company.

Lead Image via iStock