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05th Oct 2017

This woman has the most ingenious way of dealing with catcalling

It’s pretty much nauseating the words this woman had to hear from some men as she happened to pass them on the street.

Clearly, 20-year-old student Noa Jansma from Amsterdam was sick and tired of having to deal with crude and offensive remarks. So instead of arguing or trying to participate in any kind of chat with these men, she documented any vulgar incidents over the course of a month by doing this.

The both infuriating and sad thing about it all is that the men don’t seem to understand that what they’ve said to her is degrading and entirely revolting as they seem pretty happy to hop in the selfie.

Classic 2.0 “psssst, whoooooop, Can he have your number?” #dearcatcallers

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She only has 30 posts and the account has only been active for just over a month but already she has over 49,000 followers! Clearly, she’s not alone in having to deal with verbal harassment on the street.

On her Instagram she writes, “This Instagram has the aim to create awareness about the objectification of women in daily life.

#dearcatcallers “hmmmm you wanna kiss?”

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“By making the selfie, both the objectifier and the object are assembled in one composition. Myself, as the object, standing in front of the catcallers represents the reversed power ratio which is caused by this project.”

“Please join me in the fight and post your own #dearcatcallers or send me a DM.”

Mmmmmm beautiful sweet girl #dearcatcallers

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slowly following me 2 streets shouting “sexy!” and “wanna come in my car?” #dearcatcallers

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“Ey sexy Chiquita! A donde vas sola?/Ey sexygirl, Where are you going alone?” #dearcatcallers

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Nog een keer #dearcatcallers *psssssst, kissing sounds and whistling”

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