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27th Aug 2020

All wedding guests must be gone by 11.30pm in accordance with new guidelines

New Covid-19 wedding guidelines have been issued by Fáilte Ireland.

All wedding guests must be exited from a wedding function room by 11.30pm in accordance with new Covid-19 safety guidelines.

New measures for weddings were included in an updated list of guidelines released by Fáilte Ireland on Monday night, relating to the hospitality industry.

Businesses, according to the guidelines, must follow updated Public Health advice to ensure that all wedding guests leave the function/bar areas by 11.30pm.

Public Health advice states that these areas should be cleared of all guests by 11.30pm. However, this does not include staff members who will carry out closing procedures once guests have left.

It also states that face coverings should be worn by guests when arriving to and leaving their table.

Face coverings should also be worn by employees in customer-facing roles where no other protective measures are in place, for example, protective screens and where physical distancing of two metres is not possible.

It is advised that guests should enter the property through doors that are automated or manually operated by an employee.

And with regards to food, there will be no shared plates on the table, and each person’s food will be their own.

Importantly, dancing will still be allowed, so long as there is signage reminding guests to respect physical distancing guidelines.

You can read the full set of new hospitality guidelines here.