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07th Nov 2016

Warnings issued as two men escape from London prison

The Ministry of Justice confirmed that two inmates have escaped from a London prison.

Early reports today from The Telegraph confirm that the two men escaped from HMP Pentonville using diamond-tipped cutters to cut through the cell bars. The duo were residing in the

The alarm was raised when officers discovered mannequins in their beds this morning.

HMP Pentonville in north London made headlines last year when former justice secretary Michael Gove called it “the most dramatic example of failure.”

Earlier this year, an inmate was stabbed and killed within the jail. The killing of Jamal Mahmoud prompted calls for an inquiry into the state of prisons in England and Wales with the jail being accused of “neglecting” the 21-year-old father.

The Prison Governors Association blames cuts to staff and resources for the incidences.