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11th Nov 2013

Video: Joss Whedon Talks About Feminism in Equality Now Speech

“You either believe women are people or you don’t. It’s that simple.”

Director and award-winning writer and producer Joss Whedon was honoured  at the “Make Equality Reality” event in California recently.

In his speech, he explored the word “feminist” and proposed an alternative for the word.

“…The word feminist, it doesn’t sit with me, it doesn’t add up. I want to talk about my problem that I have with it” he said.

“First of all, on a very base level, just to listen to it. We start with fem. That’s good, that’s promising, you know, fem, it’s nice but it’s strong, f is a very porous letter, very inclusive. You’re ready to grow there. It’s not too whimpy. It’s not like some girl from Lord of the Rings whose name is like Akhelkthkle. There’s some meat there. We can work with this.”

Have a look at his 14-minute talk below: