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12th Feb 2016

UK Will Now ‘Name And Shame’ Companies Who Pay Women Less

A report on closing the gender gap was issued today.

A great advance for gender equality has been made over in the UK today.

The Government Equalities Office has issued a lengthy report about closing the gender pay gap between men and women.

This news comes after a report from the World Economic Forum last year which revealed that women are a decade behind men on average in terms of pay equality.

The new regulations will force companies with more than 250 employees to reveal their pay gap, and those who fail to address discrepancies will be featured in a league table.

The report reads: “Increasing transparency around gender pay differences will enable the impact of those workplace policies and practices promoting gender equality to be monitored and remedial action to be prioritised.”

Equalities Minister Nicky Morgan stated: “I’m calling on women across Britain to use their position as employees and consumers to demand more from businesses, ensuring their talents are given the recognition and reward they deserve.”

Tesco stated: “We believe that monitoring the pay gap between men and women is crucial to ensuring everyone is fairly rewarded for their work and enjoys the same opportunities.”

Hopefully, this report will encourage other countries to tackle the problem and ensure equal pay for equal work.

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