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28th Jul 2016

Sky News mocked for ridiculous Alan Partridge-style terrorism report

Brass Eye-esque

Nooruddean Choudry

“This is actual Sky News and not a spoof.”

When someone has to preface a serious news report with such a description, you know you’re in trouble. If the said segment is about something as serious as national security, questions need to be asked.

Sky News have their fair share of critics. Many feel that their coverage of tragedies and acts of terror are hyperbolic, sensationalist and littered with inaccurate information to fill up their hours of live coverage.

But this report – following the murder of French priest Jacques Hamel this week at the hands of ISIS sympathisers – has left many wondering where the line between satire and reality really lies.

It features a reporter remarking that a church he is visiting has no visible security, and heaven forbid even has a sign outside saying ‘Everbody is welcome’. Imagine a place of worship openly welcoming people in.

After popping inside, he explains gravely to the camera: “There are about a dozen worshippers in there and one priest. If I was a terrorist, I could have killed them all.”

Internet funny man Bobby Faghihi uploaded the clip onto Twitter and was exasperated by the sensationalist tone and bad vibes of the so-called ‘news’. It seems a lot of his many followers agreed…