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24th Apr 2015

Shocking New Figures Show Almost 9,000 Patients Were On Trolleys In Irish Hospitals In March

"These figures also include somebody on a chair."


The ongoing crisis in Irish hospitals has come under the spotlight once more this week after it was revealed that almost 9,000 people were left waiting on trolleys in hospitals nationwide last month.

The figures from March, which are reportedly some of the worst since 2007, have been rising steadily month to month.

In 2007, 4,941 patients were on trolleys in comparison to an enormous 8,934 patients for the same period this year.

“Trolley watch is the count we apply to people who are admitted but for whom there are no beds,” said Liam Doran of the Irish Nurses’ and Midwives’ Organisation.

“But these figures could also include somebody on a chair but we count them as being on a trolley.

“I would view these figures as more confirmation of the extent of the crisis despite the fact that it has been in the public domain almost every week,” he continued.

“The system is so overwhelmed that it just hasn’t been able to cope.”