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21st Nov 2016

Shocking footage shows Dublin bouncer knocking out an aggressive attacker

This is disgraceful.

A bouncer at a popular sports bar was forced to defend himself as two men launched an attack.

Footage of the incident was captured and uploaded to YouTube this morning.

In it, the bouncer can be seen fending off the two men who repeatedly attempt to punch and kick the doorman.

As both men approach, the bouncer speedily lands a punch to each man. Aggressively, the men approach again and this time, the bouncer manages to knock one of the men out.

The second man continues to fight with the bouncer, before spitting aggressively in his face repeatedly.

The first man is assisted by friends and carried away. “His head is open,” comments one as they pull him from the ground.

The video was shared on Reddit where commenters side with the bouncer who clearly acted in self-defence.

Matt Hudson, Manager of The Woolshed was unable to comment as a Garda investigation has been opened.

A spokesperson for the Garda Press Office said: “Gardai are aware of this incident and would encourage the public to report any such incidents to their local Garda station.”