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04th Nov 2016

Secondary schools across Ireland could be closed on Monday

Health and safety concerns mean more than 200,000 students could be affected.

The Department of Education has warned that the withdrawal of supervision and substitution duties from Monday could affect more than 400 schools across the country.

The widespread closure of schools is expected from Monday as the Association of Secondary Teachers in Ireland begins strike action, with around 17,500 of its members withdrawing from supervision and substitution duties.

Further discussions are to take place on Saturday, as the ASTI confirmed it will continue in talks with the Department in order to come to a solution.

ASTI President Ed Byrne said “expecting ASTI members to undertake supervision and substitution work for no pay while their colleagues in other teacher unions are receiving a payment is unacceptable.”

Byrne added that a withdrawal from work was ‘inevitable,’ while the Department said that a pay deal for new teachers would see starting pay increase by 15% between 31 August 2016 and 1 January 2018 (from €31,009 to €35,602).

For those with more experience, a teacher with 11 years’ service will see her/his pay increase by 9% from August 2016 to January 2018 – from €45,222 to €49,436.

The Department of Education says that “these deals which have been done restore approximately three quarters of the reductions for new entrants put in place since 2011.”