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11th May 2023

Hero saves baby after pram nearly rolls into oncoming traffic

By Charlie Herbert

Footage has captured the moment a man leaving a job interview managed to stop a pram that was rolling into oncoming traffic with a baby in it.

Ron Nessman, who has experienced homelessness and unemployment for years, was leaving a job interview at an Applebee’s restaurant in California when he saw a baby in a pram rolling into the road.

Without hesitation, he sprinted into the street, stopped the runaway pram, and saved the child. And, as if the universe was rewarding him for his heroism, he then went on to bag the job at the restaurant – his first in years.

Speaking to local news station KOVR-TV, he said: “I didn’t even have time to think about it. You just react.”

After spending roughly eight years without a home, Nessman had been living with his sister in recent months and was looking for work. On May 1st, he had been at Applebee’s to interview for a position washing dishes at the restaurant.

After the interview, he had been sitting waiting on a bench outside when he spotted the emergency unfolding nearby.

The baby’s great-aunt had stopped her car on the driveway of a nearby car wash and had placed her great-nephew in the pram. Whilst she was sorting something in the back seat, strong winds blew the pram down the slight slope, sending it careering towards the busy road.

As the woman desperately tried to stop the pram she fell over and struggled to get back up, leaving her helpless.

Nessman immediately sprinted into action, running to the pram and stopping it just before it went into the road. Surveillance footage from the car wash captured the dramatic scene unfolding.

His heroic actions have been widely praised and shared on social media.


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