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16th Mar 2021

Piers Morgan in Twitter spat with Jedward over Winston Churchill

Former X-Factor contestants, Jedward, said the Winston Churchill statue should be in Piers’ back garden.

Winston Churchill has turned into somewhat of a controversial figure over recent years. While his efforts in helping free the world from the evil of the Nazis in WWII can never be understated, his wider fingerprints left around the world and his multitude of racist statements have been called into question by many.

It would seem one of the latest to do so are Jedward.

Images of the statue being surrounded by police began to circulate on social media this week: the weakly constructed narrative being that people may vandalise following the Sarah Everard vigil.

The Irish twins claimed it had “no place in today’s society” and, as such, might as well be relocated to Piers’ back garden, given his recent comments about Meghan Markle. Here’s just about the extent of the exchange.

As expected, it’s the comments section where things get more interesting, with people digging down into the specifics of Churchill’s past in more detail. Take a look for yourself.

It just goes to show that managing someone’s legacy is a tricky thing when you remember virtually no one is squeaky clean. Yes, he helped defeat the Nazis but they were an objective evil that anyone and everyone should have opposed.

Plus, he didn’t do it on his own, did he?

I’m not going to tell you what to think of Churchill, but I would encourage you to look into some of his words and actions beyond just, “we will fight them on the beaches”. History isn’t that simple – never has been.