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23rd May 2016

New report reveals the number of vacant properties in Ireland is staggeringly high

These statistics are shocking.

Conor Skehan is the chairman of the Housing Agency in Ireland and on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland this morning he called for more action to resolve the housing crisis in the country.

The agency released a new report today which estimates that there are almost 250,000 houses lying vacant across the country.

Skehan was speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, he said that the quantity of vacant homes in the country could create an opportunity to maintain housing supply for two years, of owners of the homes are given an incentive to open them up.

According to RTÉ:

“He said refurbishment grants for vacant homes or short-term taxation breaks on rental income when someone puts a vacant property into use could be launched.”

Skehan noted that in other European countries, homeowners are actually penalised for having properties that are left vacant in the long term.

Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government Simon Coveney said his new housing policy that will be launched by the end of July could take a look at incentivising homeowners to put their vacant properties back into use.

74 families became homeless in April, and figures from Focus Ireland showed that 366 families became homeless between January and April of this year.