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21st Jun 2022

Mass in Mayo church goes viral after spooky incident happens over livestream

Katy Brennan

GAA fans are hoping it’s a sign Mayo will win the All-Ireland this summer.

Images from a Mayo church have gone viral after bizarre incident took place during a live stream mass.

The spooky “miracle”occurred during the eucharist at St Joseph’s Church in Aghamore on Sunday and has left everyone scratching their heads.

According to a Facebook post, the priest who was saying mass accidentally dropped a piece of communion bread on the floor.

After picking it up, he placed it in a glass of water to let it dissolve, and when he returned it was covered in a “blood-coloured” substance.

He added more water and left it again, returning to see it had “taken on the appearance of bloody flesh”. Bizarre indeed.

The full post reads: “A Eucharistic Minister unintentionally dropped a Consecrated Host to the ground while administering Holy Communion.

“The Indian Parish Priest put it right into a small bowl of water to permit it to dissolve. Upon checking it someday later he found the water was blood colored.

“He added some extra water after which later noticed that the Host had taken on the looks of bloody flesh tissue.”

Avid church-goers have flocked to the spot following the incident, seeing it as a “sign” from Jesus.

Other locals think it might have a different meaning, however.

GAA fans rushed to the comments section of the Facebook post to say they hope it’s a sign Mayo will win the All-Ireland this summer.

“Let me guess… it’s going to turn a bit green as well and… ta da! Mayo for Sam,” one person wrote

“Definitely MAYO FOR SAM,” another said.

St Joseph’s Church has yet to comment on the strange occurrence.