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10th Jun 2024

Man who found body of Dr Michael Mosley speaks out

Ryan Price

The local cameraman described the moment he spotted the TV doctor’s body on the beach.

A member of a camera crew who was filming the coast of Symi from the sea has described the moment he spotted the body of Michael Mosley.

Speaking to Sky News correspondent Sadiya Chowdhury, Antonios described how he and some friends decided to head out onto the water to assist in the search for the missing TV doctor.

While on the water, Antonios described how he spotted something close to a fence near to a popular beach resort on the island.

Unable to work out what it was, he took two photos with his long-distance camera lens.

Back on land, he says they took a picture of the photo on the camera screen using an iPhone – zooming in on the phone.

It was then that they realised they could “clearly” see a man lying down that fit the descriptions of Dr Mosley.

Antonios says rescue helicopters passed over the same point “20 times” yesterday and it was “bad luck” they did not find the body. 

He became emotional as he expressed his sadness for Dr Mosley’s family and said:”I’m sorry for the family, I’m sorry that I’m the one to find him. I wish we had better news.”

Earlier this morning, deputy mayor of Symi, Ilias Chaskas, confirmed that a body had been found in the search for the This Morning and The One Show star, who went missing on Wednesday afternoon.

It was initially reported that the body was found with an umbrella close to a network of caves known to locals as ‘The Abyss’.

Greek police, firefighters, tourists and local volunteers had been searching the island extensively all week, turning their attention to the rocky area north of the village of Pedi in the last couple of days.

The discovery of his body comes less than 24 hours after his wife, Dr Claire Bailey, thanked the local authorities and search party for their efforts, and added: “We will not lose hope.”