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26th Oct 2015

Jobs Boost For Ireland As Aldi Announces Plans to Create 400 Jobs in 2016

The supermarket chain is going from strength to strength

Rebecca McKnight

Aldi seems to be going from strength to strength and is planning to add even more to the economy by creating over 400 jobs in Ireland next year.

The supermarket chain is going to be recruiting and training hundreds of more people in 2016 as part of its ongoing expansion.

Not only that but it has also announced a new minimum rate of pay, €11.50 per hour, which will be granted to employees from February 1st 2016. Some Aldi store employees already earn up to €13.25 per hour.


Speaking about the news, Aldi CEO Matthew Barnes said: “We are committed to offering the best pay and benefits in the industry.”

He added: “The success of Aldi in Ireland has been driven by the commitment, hard work and ambition of our employees and we will continue to maintain our leading position on pay.”

The retailer is due to open its 121st and 122nd stores in Ireland next month (November) – Knocknacarra in Galway and Newcastle West in Co. Limerick – but it won’t stop there with seven more new stores due to open in 2016.