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14th Sep 2012

How Much is That Hot Guy in The Window? French Pop-Up Shop Allows Women to ‘Buy’ Men

Window shopping has never, ever been so much fun, eh ladies?

Ladies, close your eyes and imagine for a minute that you’re some shopping. Only instead of wandering the aisles looking for a tin of beans, you’re actually gawking at some seriously sexy men.

Now imagine finding a man you like, putting him in your shopping trolley, checking him out at the till and then wheeling him off into the sunset. It sounds awesome! Slightly weird, yes, but awesome nonetheless.

If this sounds like your version of window-shopping heaven, then you might want to get yourself over to France. Why? Well this shop actually exists and it’s located in the heart of Paris.

Yes, women can now run to the shops and come home with a new man thanks to the dating website (or ‘Adopt a’).

The popular dating website has opened a special pop-up shop in the centre of Paris’ shopping district. Here, eligible bachelors pose in human-sized toy boxes while women browse the aisles and take note of their ‘serial number’ which they can then use to contact the men on the website.

The ‘Adopt A Guy’ store is located in the centre of Paris’ shopping district.

The store itself is designed to look like a supermarket, and throughout the day, announcements alert customers to “Specials on Carrot-Tops” or “Total Liquidation of Men with Curly Hair: Everything Must Go!”

You can browse men by category – if you fancy a geeky guy, head to the ‘geeks’ section, if you feel like dating a man with facial hair, you can check out the ‘moustache’ section and if you feel like embracing your inner rock-chic, you can peruse the shop’s selection of tattooed or pierced gentlemen.

The men are being displayed in giant Ken-doll like boxes and just for the laugh, many of them have dressed up as certain characters. Ladies, you can get your hands on a fella named “Mr Muscle” or “The Doctor.” Seriously.

According to reports, the pop-up shop is struggling to keep men on the shelves as hundreds of women flock to have a look and see if they fancy any of the shop’s merchandise.

The Adopt A Guy website was launched in 2012 and is free to join for women. On the website, men “sell themselves” with profiles and it’s up to the ladies to do the “purchasing.” The idea behind the website is that women will feel less self-conscious or threatened if they’re the ones in control of the dating process. The website is reported to get around 300 million page views per month.

What do you think girls? Would you happily browse this shop?