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20th Mar 2016

Homeless Woman Who Died In Belfast Had “Lost Her Way In Recent Months”

The body of tragic Catherine Kenny was found in a shop doorway yesterday morning.

Megan Cassidy

A young Irish woman was found dead in a shop doorway this weekend, in a tragic series of events.

Catherine Kenny, aged in her early 30s was found dead in Belfast yesterday morning, having only moved to the city from Downpatrick a matter of months ago.

The young woman had failed to find any accommodation after moving from her home city but Charity Extern had been working with her and had reportedly offered her emergency accommodation.

According to the Irish Sun, Danny McQuillan who works extensively with the homeless said that it was a “complete tragedy that once again another homeless person has died on our streets”.

“Nobody should be living and certainly nobody should be dying on our streets.”

A friend of Catherine’s added:

“Catherine came from such a good and well respected family in Co Down.

“Unfortunately she lost her way in recent months and ended up sleeping rough on the streets of Belfast.

“Her family did everything they could to help her and they will be heartbroken at her loss.

“It’s only a few years since they lost her father Michael and her mother Kathleen and will be devastated.

“What is it going to take to stop another young life from being lost on the streets”.

Catherine is the fifth person who was receiving help from homeless charities to die in Belfast this year.

Lead image via BBC