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15th May 2023

ITV confirms Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield’s future on This Morning

They deserved “best actors” nominations.

ITV has confirmed that Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield will not be leaving This Morning anytime soon.

The news has come amid a suspected falling-out between Holly and Phillip.

Both hosts looked very glum heading into the ITV studios this morning.

There was confusion on whether Holly would work her usual shift this morning as reports say she is “very upset” with the situation with Phillip.

They have been very close since starting out as This Morning hosts but since Phillip’s brother’s court case, things have been different between the two.

Holly allegedly found out about the allegations through a third party, not by Phillip himself, which really seemed to hurt her.

Millions are expected to tune in to This Morning now from 10am to see first-hand how the pair interact with each other.

Will they address the feuding rumours?

It has been reported that Phillip has gotten lawyers involved over the fallout with his co-presenter.

Sources have revealed that he has also employed a new PR man to help improve his press coverage.

According to the Daily Mail, former This Morning presenter, Eamonn Holmes said that Holly and Phil deserved special nominations for the “best actors” at the BAFTAs last night.

Speaking on GB News, he said: “He’s brought in lawyers, she’s brought in a PR team. The public surely suss that there is no chemistry, that it is a broken fit between the two of them.

“This Morning doesn’t depend on who presents it. It’s an institution. It will carry on no matter who presents it. And anybody can check the viewing figures.

“There is no difference between when they present it, or whenever anybody else does.”

There was talks that the pair wouldn’t appear on the morning show today but ITV confirmed they will both be on air as usual.

A source told The Sun: “Holly and Phil are professionals and they can turn it on like no one else.

“Although behind the scenes their relationship is nothing like it was, they are both dedicated to This Morning and keeping it together for viewers.”

Rumours that the pair are no longer speaking outside of This Morning sparked after Holly removed Phillip from her Twitter bio.

Viewers are expecting Holly and Phillip to address the feuding rumours on the show today.

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